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Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act - MDIA

The MDIA was enacted by the US Government on July 30, 2009 to help protect you, the consumer, from unscrupulous mortgage lenders and insure that you have the time to make good, informed choices when it comes to selecting who you will work with as well as what will be in your best interest as far as the loan is concerned.  Simply put, you the mortgage borrower need to be more informed on the loan you are contemplating because as the recent mortgage debacle has shown, many people put their trust into “honest&

Home Valuation Code of Conduct: HVCC

Back on May 1, 2009 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac adopted the HVCC for all loans they bought from that point forward.  The intended purpose was to place a level of integrity into appraisals which have come under much investigation since the mortgage market crashed.  Mortgage Lenders and Brokers were under government scrutiny for some of the practices which laid the groundwork to the events that followed, the mortgage market meltdown, so as a result the Government Sponso