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What you should expect from your Loan Officer

The United States is going thru some very difficult times and much of what we’re suffering thru was either directly or indirectly caused by the residential mortgage industry.  Very culpable in this was the role of the Loan Officer.  Not all Loan Officers are dishonest but a certain percentage of them preyed on potential borrowers and the result was many people getting loans they never qualified for. In turn that has helped precipitate the current Real Estate market woes as well as the tragedy of people losing their homes and destroying their credit.  All the more r

Getting prepared to apply for a Home Mortgage

I would say that most people at some point or other in their lives have made the decision to purchase a house, condo, or other abode for their primary residence, second home or as an investment.  Either way having made the decision to do that you will need a certain amount of preparation to see if you will qualify for a mortgage and if you do qualify for how much?  Assuming you’ve chosen your ideal Loan Officer you are now ready to proceed with the job of pre-qualifying.  Now when you start getting into the process your Loan Officer is going to require sev

Now that I’ve been pre-approved, what next?

With the pre-approval in hand then you can really get serious about finding a house.  But before you do make sure you understand what you’ve discovered going thru the pre-approval process which is to make sure you know what and how purchasing a house is going to impact your personal finances. 

We got our offer accepted!

Congratulations!  Don’t relax yet because there are still many things to be done but you’ve done the majority of the work.  If you’ve never been thru the escrow process then brace yourself because many things can come up that may make you wonder why you ever decided to buy a residence to begin with.  Let’s start with a little understanding of what escrow really is.  <

We’re Ready to sign Documents

Having survived the escrow procedures and the escrow period you are almost done because the most important part of the procedure is yet to come.  That is the signing of the documents.  Remember as a buyer once you sign those documents you have a legal and binding document and you’ve now created an obligation for yourself and your family.  Normally you will be sitting down with either an escrow officer