Thank you for visiting freeloanexpert.com. My name is Mark Schultz and I’ve been a Loan Officer for over five years. I do loans for First Nations Home Finance, a Direct Lender, based out of San Diego, California and we specialize in mortgage loans for primary residences as well as second homes and investment properties. As a Direct Lender we have many distinct advantages over a lot of other mortgage originators. The most significant factor is the level of service you receive. With the advent of more government regulations in mortgage origination the consumer needs to receive the highest level of professionalism available and unfortunately some loan officers are not keeping up with the ongoing changes either by lack of knowledge or other reasons. We pride ourselves in keeping your transaction in government compliance because these things can result in delays and unexpected costs. Another advantage you have is my access to our underwriters. Many other companies don’t allow their loan officers to communicate directly with their underwriters but I am able to get many things done quicker than other lenders for that exact reason. In addition the quality of our underwriting staff is unsurpassed and with Direct Endorsement with FHA as well as the VA Automatic designation we can do things other lenders can’t. And you don’t have an extra layer of costs that many brokers and Banks have. We don’t assess an application fee which some Banks have that can run as high as $700 or Administration fees which some Brokers charge that run as high as $895. You won’t be charged for your credit report and several other fees that are common in this industry. All those keep more money in your pocket or your payment lower. There are many more advantages but you’ll have to contact me to feel the full extent of those for yourself so if you’ve thought about evaluating your current loan or thinking about buying another house, don’t hesitate to contact me. Hidden Line of Text.